Oct 2017

How to face off the Amazon challenge

In less than two months, Amazon will open its doors to the Aussie market, instilling terror in just about every bricks and mortar retailer, as well as smaller online retailers. The giant e-retailer has contributed to the demise of numerous malls and stores throughout the United States; concerns that Aussie retailers will meet similar fates are not unfounded.

If previous rollouts are an indicator, the first step will be selling electronics and technology. Tech has always been at the forefront of Amazon’s sales, and so it’s the natural choice for the Aussie edition of the retailer, leading to major challenges for the likes of JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, and Bing Lee.

While there’s no doubt Amazon Australia will be a game changer, smart brands have an opportunity to adapt to this new retail environment to ensure they retain, or grow, their bricks and mortar market share.

Which is why we’re introducing SalesWorks…

Here at LiveWorks, we’ve specialised in experiential (face to face) marketing for over ten years. We’ve seen plenty of change hit the retail scene, and have adapted our strategies and those of our clients accordingly, to ensure success.

With the imminent launch of Amazon Australia, brands need to consider the experiences that online retail doesn’t offer its consumers.

The number one thing online retailers like Amazon can’t do deliver is a hands-on product experience.

It’s logical that as Amazon takes off it will filter out customers who are purely price driven and don’t require a more involved sales experience. It follows that consumers still going to a retail store are more driven by the need to experience the product and open to product demonstrations as part of their purchasing decision before they part with their hard-earned cash.

The value (and proven high conversion rates) of in-person experiences like being able to watch a live demonstration, talk to an expert, ask questions, and test-run the device is something Amazon and other online sites simply can’t deliver.

Our new initiative, SalesWorks, helps face-off the impending Australian Amazon crisis.

We’re the best option for a flexible workforce who can get in-store demonstrations up and running, and for getting your product directly into the hands of consumers.

Behind SalesWorks, is an army of demonstrators who specialise in a range of different industries, with in-depth knowledge on numerous electronic and technology-based products. These demonstrators are not your average tech-gurus either. We hire only the most personable, articulate and vibrant people, to ensure your customers feel at ease in-store and well looked after.

All of our demonstrators go through a vigorous process so that they’re 100% familiar and committed to your product, making them the best possible people to be showcasing your product’s features to your clients.

With a SalesWorks campaign in full swing, there’s the potential to lift your sales by 20%! And the best part of it is, is that online retail giants like Amazon can’t compete in this form of marketing. Leaving in-store retailers the market share of consumers who need to ‘try before they buy’.

There’s no doubt that there’ll be a shift in how consumers purchase goods, but with a SalesWorks team behind you’ll be in the best position to face-off that challenge and boost your market share.



Jul 2017

Spotlight: Sydney Event Venues (Part 2)

Not long ago, we brought you a special spotlight feature on our top Sydney Event Venues… But because Sydney is such a vibrant, exciting city, it was easy to come up with another three amazing venues for you to choose from for your next event or function.

So which Sydney event venues should you check out? Here are some hot spots we recommend.

1. L’il Darlin

L’il Darlin is one of our favourite venues for functions and events, and its Surry Hills bar is in the heart of Sydney’s creative hub.

Known throughout Sydney for their seamlessly run private functions and chic venue aesthetics, L’il Darlin is a popular choice when it comes to special occasions.

sydney event venues post 2Offering plenty of delicious food and cocktails, there’s no doubt your guests will be more than happy to stay.

L’il Darlin also offers cocktail masterclasses if you want to treat your friends, staff or clients to something a little bit different!

2. The Old Clare Hotel

For a heritage listed building, The Old Clare Hotel has scrubbed up nicely in its recent revamp. With a classic ambiance and a vintage-inspired bar, the Old Clare (and its respective restaurants) is a great venue to splash out on a function, making it one of the ideal Sydney event venues.

Your guests are sure to be impressed, and may even decide they’d like to stay the night in one of the hotels 62 lavish rooms.

3. The Clock

Surry Hills’ The Clock has long since ditched the ‘old man’ pub aesthetic and has opted for a sleeker, more sophisticated vibe. Perfect for birthdays, corporate functions and any manner of event in between, The Clock has much to offer its patrons.

Sydney Event Venue 3Boasting everything from “simple platters to more lavish canapés”, this Sydney event venue has certainly made its mark.

The Clock offers four functions spaces: Cocktail Corner (capacity 15 standing), Collins St Corner (capacity 25 standing), Crown St Banquette (capacity 35 standing) and the Pendulum Lounge (capacity 125 standing). 


Thinking of hiring staff to ensure that your event runs smoothly? Check out our advice here.

Want to talk to us about your next event? Be sure to get in touch with us here.


Jun 2017

Talent Staff: 3 Key Traits To Look For When Hiring

Here at LiveWorks, we’re extremely passionate about helping clients find the perfect talent staff for their events and promotions. We also understand that sometimes it’s not always possible time-wise or budget-wise to go through a promotional staffing agency. Which is why we’ve put together this quick and easy list of key traits to look for when hiring your talent staff yourself…

1. Communication

In any professional capacity, communication skills are highly sought-after, and there’s a reason for that. With great communication skills comes reliability and a level of professionalism that’s greatly needed and respected at events and promotions.

Talent Staff 1

No matter what your staff are required for, they need to be able to communicate with you and their colleagues effectively.

2. Initiative

There’s nothing more frustrating or time consuming than having to dictate every action an employee should take. On the other hand, there’s nothing better than talent staff who take the initiative and get things done.

Talent Staff 3

When you’re hiring talent staff, one of the most important factors to consider is their experience in taking initiative. If you’re given the chance during the recruitment process, this is a good thing to ask them about, see if they can give you an example of having taken initiative in their previous jobs.

3. Passion

When hiring talent staff one of the key factors for success is passion. You want your talent staff to be passion about the event they’re working and/or the product their selling, in order to get the most of your sales, and so that your business is well represented in public.

Talent Staff 2

If your staff are passionate, they’ll work harder for you, and will do a far better job of promoting your brand.


Want more tips on how to hire event staff? Click here.

If you’re looking for an agency to help you out with finding the best talent staff for your next event, get in touch with LiveWorks here.


May 2017

Spotlight: Sydney Event Venues

Whether you’re after a room for a formal function, a celebration or a low-key get-together, we’ve got the best Sydney event venues right here. Venue sourcing can be a stressful task, particularly when you’ve got the event itself to plan and organise, so we’ve done the hard yards for you.

Here are some of our favourite event venues in sunny Sydney…

1. District 01

If you’re looking for a blank canvas style event space for your next product launch, exhibition, performance or anything in between, you’ve come to the right place. The gallery-inspired District 01 is the perfect venue for just about any occasion thanks to its incredible versatility.

sydney event venues 1

Conveniently located by Central station, this venue is at the heart of Sydney’s creative hub. With the space to accomodate 190, this is the ideal place to hold a party, workshop, launch or even a theatrical production.

The space has housed the events of hundreds of local and international brands to great success.

2. Dove & Olive

The Dove & Olive was voted 2015’s Pub of the Year, and with good reason. The venue not only offers a stylish, eclectic vibe, but also knows how to do good food and drink.

Sydney event venues 2

The first floor of this iconic pub is ideal for not just celebrations like birthdays and engagements, but also for corporate functions and meetings. We recommend hiring the entire top floor, an exclusive booking combines all three function spaces; The Lounge Bar, The Parlour and The Terrace for one of the ultimate Sydney event venues.

3. Mr Tipply’s

Mr Tipply’s is yet another favourite among Sydneysiders and tourists alike. Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, this venue is a convenient event venue for just about every function.

Sydney Event Venue 3

Mr Tipply’s offer a range of options in terms of the spaces you can hire out and the packages you can choose from. Whether it’s a product launch or a celebratory corporate dinner, there’s something for everyone.

If these Sydney event venues tickled your fancy, great! If not, why not get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your next event or product launch!


May 2017

Top 3 Tips For Hiring Event Staff

Hiring event staff is something we’re very experienced with here at LiveWorks. We’ve provided some of the largest companies in the world with promo staff for their campaigns and events, to great success. 

We’re often asked for our advice on how to hire staff, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share a few quick words of wisdom…

Event planner image 1

1. Ask for updated photos

The first thing you’ll want to be wary of when hiring event staff is photos (and resumes) that are outdated. Professional head shots and portraits don’t come cheap, and so often event staff and actors rely on older photos to apply for jobs.

Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for recruiters and companies seeking event staff with a specific aesthetic.

So make sure when you’re seeking new event staff that you specify that photos and resumes must be up to date.

2. Don’t hire on looks alone

While looks and a specific aesthetic is a natural consideration when hiring event staff, it’s not the be all and end all.

Remember to pay attention to the other details like presentation, personality and how extroverted the potential candidates are. You want to make sure your staff are as welcoming to potential clients as possible, and that they do your product and/or service justice.

event staff image 2

3. Use a professional staffing agency for hiring event staff

Our final tip is one that we can help you with ourselves. If you’re not completely confident with hiring staff yourself, or perhaps you just don’t have the time to dedicate to it, getting a professional staffing agency on board is well worth the cost.

Here at LiveWorks, we absolutely pride ourselves on proving our clients with the best matches in terms of event staff, and we know exactly what qualities to look for. Save yourself the stress and hassle, by consulting the experts instead.

Want to know more about how LiveWorks can help you find the right staff for your campaign? Contact us today.


Apr 2017

The Must-Have Traits Of A Successful Event Planner

Here at LiveWorks we’re immersed in the event planning industry, and often work closely with event planners and event planning companies to create memorable experiential marketing strategies.

Having worked in this industry for many years now, we’ve picked up on some of the must-have traits of successful event planners.

If you’re looking to break into the events industry, and you want to make a difference as an event planner, check out our guide below…

1. Organisation

Above all else, the first must-have trait of an event planner or event planning company is their organisational skills. Event planning is all about juggling a range of different elements and factors, and pulling them together in a cohesive, successful result.

Naturally organisation is an essential ability for a planner to have. You need streamlined processes, and methods that work for you in terms of tracking stages of the event’s development and evolution.

2. Flexibility

A massive aspect of your job as an event planner is to listen to your client and their brief. While you may think you know better (and you probably do), you need to ensure that your client’s needs are met, and that you do your best to marry both strategic thinking and the brief.

You need to be flexible in terms of budgets, deadlines and your client relationships.

3. Time management

Deadlines and timelines come hand-in-hand with event planning. Generally an event is scheduled around the launch of a particular product or at the height of a particular season.

A successful event planner will have killer time management skills, and will have the ability to juggle numerous projects at different stages.

They will be able to schedule catering, liaise with event staff and the client without breaking a sweat. They will never be late, and their services will always be delivered as stipulated.

4. People skills

Event planners deal with people all day every day, and so they need to have a personable nature that puts people at ease.

Events generally make brand ambassadors and companies nervous, it’s the planner’s job to make these people feel comfortable with what’s going on, and confident in the potential outcomes of the event.

Planners also need to be able to liaise and negotiate with potential staff and venues, which will enable them to get the best possible prices for their clients.

Communication is vital in the events business, and a planner needs to have these skills in person, over the phone and across email. They need to be able to explain themselves and the brief to various different vendors.

Event Planner Image 3

5. Calm under pressure

Events can be a high-stress environment for all involved, particularly when it’s a large scale celebration like a music festival or pop-up installation. The more people involved, the more stressful the event can be.

Which is why it’s crucial that the event planner or event planning company remain calm under pressure. Adding more stress to stress is never the solution.

An event agency or planner needs to remain level headed, and find logical solutions to any challenges that arise during the production or planning of an event.


Feb 2017

Top 3 Tips For Hiring Promo Staff

In the realm of experiential marketing and events, there are often instances where you’ll need promo staff. Whether it’s to launch a new product, to interact with your customers or to attract attention, the benefits of hiring promo staff can be absolutely huge.

However, many event planning companies lack experience in the actual hiring process. How do you go about selecting the perfect promo girls and promo boys for your celebration or festival?

Here at LiveWorks, we’ve had plenty of experience in staffing events and hiring promotional staff for large scale events…

1. Use a promotional staffing agency

The first piece of advice we’d like to share with you is trust the experts. You’ve got enough on your plate with planning and executing your event to be worrying about posting ads, interviewing candidates and relaying the same information over and over.

Use a trusted event staffing agency or experiential marketing agency like LiveWorks. Companies like us can find you the perfect cast in a matter of days.

promo staff image 2

2. Make your criteria specific

Whether you decide to go with a promotional staffing agency or go DIY, you’ll need to be sure that your criteria is specific when it comes to hiring promo staff.

The more specific you are with your brief, the more likely it is that you’ll be satisfied with the promotional staff supplied to you.

3. Be reliable 

Our final tip is all about you! Be reliable. Communication is key when it comes to hiring promo staff, so you need to be reliable in your responses, and easy to get in touch with. That goes for any agency you’ve commissioned as well as with your promo staff directly.

Be sure to pay your promo boys and promo girls on time and fairly, so you get a favourable reputation in the industry. You want people to want to work for you, and of course, to do a good job!


 Want to know how we can help you hire the ultimate promotional staff? Click here to get in touch.



Feb 2017

Mesh Banners & Experiential Marketing: The Perfect Combo

Marketing companies often get caught up in the smaller details of their event planning, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Experiential marketing however, is all about the “big picture” – creating a memorable experience for your clients, and offering a unique branded feel. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by using mesh banners at your events to create a uniform look across the scope of your function.

Experiential Marketing Electric Gardens Festival

While the term may not be familiar to you, you will have seen mesh banners in action in your everyday life. They’re used for covering festival fencing, pop-up shop installations and all around construction sites. Banner mesh is entirely customisable and offers a premium print quality for your artwork, logo and/or business details. 

Today, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Mesh Direct to get a better understanding of why banner mesh and experiential marketing make the perfect combination…

1. Mesh banners create brand awareness

Banner Mesh - Vivid Sydney - Experiential Marketing

Whether it’s for a festival, an installation or a red carpet event, mesh banners do a fantastic job of creating brand awareness for your business.

Particularly in the lead-up to an event, mesh fencing or banner mesh has the ability to create a curiosity gap with passersby, causing them to wonder about the event and perhaps look up the details later one.

General public exposure of your brand in high foot traffic areas makes your business more recognisable, and more reputable. This helps you increase your target audience and gets your brand in front of new types of clients, and increases the visibility of your business.

2. Make an experience memorable

Experiential Marketing eight-development

Create experiential events with solid branding throughout to make a showcase or festival memorable. Especially in terms of advertising and experiential events, branding on banners shows up in the background of photos and gets a second round of exposure via social media.

The print quality of banner mesh, particularly premium banner mesh, is designed for a high quality print job, which means your logo, artwork and business details will look pristine across your entire event.

People remember visual cues, and with a solid branding effort, you can use this opportunity to bring any guerilla marketing goals to life. 

3. Banner mesh looks uniform

Anzac printed mesh banner

One detail event agencies and marketing companies agree upon is that an event should have a cohesive, uniform look. A creative agency will use a consistent aesthetic across all aspects of an event, this ensures the brand looks professional, but also gives the event a much bigger impact on its target audience.

Think: branded fencing and crowd control around festivals, large scale building wraps and branded banners around installations and pop-up events. These are the types of functions marketing agencies are using banner mesh for.

No matter how small or large scale your celebration is, printed banner mesh is a great option for making your experiential marketing event memorable.

If you’re interested in finding out more about branded banner mesh, mesh fencing or event signage, click here to visit our friends at Mesh Direct



Feb 2017

5 Simple Ways To Use Experiential Marketing

We explore experiential marketing and the simple ways you can use it in your next campaign…

There’s no doubt that in this day and age, consumers are absolutely flooded with advertising. TV, radio, social, Google, news feeds, and native advertising are all now part of a person’s every day life. This, plus the general fast-paced nature of the modern world makes it harder than ever before to get your product seen, and to have an impact on consumers.

All this exposure to advertising is passive. The consumer isn’t interacting with the products, or engaging with a brand on a personal level. 

So how can the consumer play an active part in brand awareness and advertising? How can you make a lasting impact?

experiential marketing image 1

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a method of marketing that enables the consumer and the brand to interact. It’s a way of getting the customer to experience the brand in a unique and memorable way.

For example, LiveWorks blends the power of theatre and live performance with sales and social strategies in order to create successful campaigns for our clients. The aim is to create an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand.

So how can you utilise the methods of experiential marketing?

1. Build a conversation

So often brands make the mistake of talking at their clients rather than talking with them. Experiential marketing aims to create a two-way dialogue between brand and consumer, so that the connection between them is more personal, and memorable.

Make sure that your clients feel they have a voice within your marketing campaign, and that you’re listening to that voice.

2. Make it tangible

One thing that’s lacking in our digitally driven world is the tangibility of brands. We’re constantly shown things on our screens, but how often is it that we’re given the opportunity to touch them?

Give your customers the option of interacting with your product or brand in person.

experiential marketing image 2

3. Be accessible on social media

What’s the first thing you do when you have an amazing experience? Generally, people share their stories on their social media profiles.

Extending your brand’s reach to social media allows your clients to tag you in their positive feedback. This gets your brand in front of more and more people, and effectively doubles the audience of your campaign.

4. Use a call to action

Similar to creating a dialogue between client and brand, is using a call to action (CTA). This encourages your consumers to not only experience your campaign in all its glory, but to also take action at the end.

After all, you want the memory to stay with them long after it’s over. 

experiential marketing image 3

Try encouraging them to share their experience on social media, some brands like to offer incentives for this action.

Others might provide ‘goodie bags’ at the end of an event, so the consumer is always taking something tangible home with them, to feel as though they’ve gotten extra value. 

5. Be authentic

This is arguably the most important point to take away from this post. Any campaign you run has to reflect your brand identity. There’s no point in running an awesome campaign if it doesn’t represent who you are and what you do.


What to know more about how experiential marketing can benefit you and your brand? Click here to get in touch with LiveWorks.


Jan 2017

5 Golden Rules For Planning Corporate Events

When it comes to planning corporate events there’s nothing quite like thinking outside the box to get people talking.

But planning an event can be overwhelming. There’s so much to consider: concept, budget, staff, the business purpose of the event…

At LiveWorks, we’re constantly researching the latest in event planning and promo work. We’re immersed in the events industry, and to help you out, we’ve put together our top 5 golden rules for planning corporate events…


1. Stay organised

If there’s one thing we know about corporate event planning and event management, it’s how important it is to stay organised. You’ll need to set firm dates, coordinate and negotiate with venues and stakeholders accordingly.

An event like this should be organised well in advance, with plenty of time to spare. You’ll need to set an agenda for the event, and stick to it in order to ensure things run to plan, and there are no unpleasant surprises.

Use checklists and reminders to stay on top of all aspects of your event. 

2. Have a clear business goal

Here’s one that a lot of businesses don’t get right from the get-go: refining the business purpose or goal of the event itself. What do you hope to achieve by running this event? Every decision regarding the event should be contributing to achieving your main goal.

It is to create brand awareness? To celebrate the launch of a new product? Or do you simply want to generate more income?

Decide on a purpose and be sure to tailor your event to it.

3. Delegate responsibilities

Studies have shown that the best leaders are always good at delegating responsibilities, and with event planning, it’s no different.

Think about it: hiring staff, hospitality recruitment, organising promotional advertising… You won’t be able to do everything yourself.

Your corporate event needs to run smoothly, and in order for this to happen, you’ll need to oversee the big picture.

4. Consider an experiential agency

Here’s where we come to the ‘thinking outside the box’ part. More and more companies lately are looking to experiential agencies to expand their horizons and create memorable corporate events.

For example, companies like LiveWorks get people talking about your brand or product through the power of live performance and bold campaigns.

5. Follow up

This golden rule is actually two-fold. Throughout the creation and production of your event, you’ll need to follow-up continuously with various people. This may be the creative agency you’re working with, or your event staff, it may be the people that you’ve delegated tasks to… Whoever you’re working with, be sure that you’re always on the same page in terms of expectations and deadlines.

Secondly, a step many companies underestimate the value of is following up after the event. Post photos and tag brands and sponsors, write a blog post recapping the success of the event and post it across social media.

Also be sure to thank all the people involved from your talent staff and your creative agency to your colleagues and anyone else who supported the venture.


And there you have it! The LiveWorks’ 5 golden rules for planning corporate events!

Need promotional staffing for your next event? Interested in experiential marketing? Contact us to see how we can help.


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