The 19 Beaches Mag Moments roadshow toured the East Coast in an Airstream Bus in January 2019. Consisting of a branded vintage airstream caravan and fully skinned branded tow car, the set up included branded teardrop flags for the main mastheads, and a chocolate wheel for a subscription prize and data capture mechanic. The roadshow sampled free magazines to beachgoers as well as distributing Olay cream and Hawaiian Tropic samples.

A chocolate wheel challenge also distributed branded merchandise prizes with a data capture mechanic for newsletter sign ups. 

Objective: The objective of the campaign was to reconnect with readers, and introduce new people to the joy and escape that comes from reading magazines.

Solution: LiveWorks executed a successful campaign Australia wide with the following distribution figures:

Total # of magazines distributed: 6370
Total # of Olay samples distributed: 5702
Total # of Hawaiian Tropic samples distributed: 4015